Epic Parody! What Every Movie Race Scene Looks Like!

Are you in the mood of having a laugh? Well, you definitely have to watch this video right now, which combines racing and humor. These guys, called the CAR BROS, put together a movie street race that will make you laugh hard. The video begins with a reflection, or what was about to happen during a race between a Subaru WRX STI and a Mustang. Then we go 12 seconds earlier and see how it all began. Two guys stop opposite each other with their cars and challenge to race. Both of them seem to be prepared for this intense race. So when the judge, appearing out of nowhere, puts the flag down they are off.

As they speed up we see many humorous details such as shifting gears on automatic transmission while racing, driving backwards and hitting the gas pedal with two legs. Then out of nowhere a train appears just at the spot where they had to take a turn. We even see the train driver pushing the pedals on a train! This is when the race reaches its climax and just as they were about to make the turn… well you have to watch this hilarious movie street race and see how it ends!

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