Find Out How To PAINT LETTERING On Your Valve Covers!

Greg Peters from YouTube channel called The Car Passion Channel teaches us how to do paint lettering on our valve cover in a very easy and efficient way.

How To Paint Lettering On Your Valve Covers tutorial 2

He really manages to do an epic colored lettering on his valve cover by using this trick. Greg Peters gives all credit to his Facebook friend called Steve Landon for giving him this genius idea. You don`t need a huge amount of supplies to do this so it`s pretty economical. All you need is some testers of enamel paint. The color doesn`t matter it`s all down to your preference. Other thing you`ll need for this is a syringe. You can buy both of these things for just a couple of bucks off Ebay or Amazon. Pretty cool, huh?

The next steps are probably not that hard to guess. You put the syringe inside the enamel paint testers and completely fill it. Up next you just fill the empty space with the color of your choice and you got perfect paint lettering. When you see the end result you will be shocked how quickly and efficiently you can do paint lettering on your valve cover for very cheap.

However, you really need to be extremely careful when you are applying the paint because otherwise you will splatter paint all over the place and ruin your beautiful valve cover. So, there you have it folks. Many thanks to Greg Peters, The Car Passion Channel and Steve Landon for sharing this trick with all of us. Enjoy!

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Posted by Car Throttle on Sunday, August 27, 2017