12 TIPS How To Be a Better Driver! Must See, Amazing Skills!

1. Understand How to be a Better Driver!

By understanding how the BetterĀ driver reacts you can prevent accidents happen. Most of the drivers are just aiming to get to their last destination, that`s why you need to understand how the various drivers react. The best way if to predict every possible change in the traffic with adjusting the lane direction, speed and be aware of the other drivers` attention.

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2. Focus on Driving All the Time!

Even if you a good and safe driver maybe someone around you in traffic is not that courteous like you. According to some studies, around 8% of the drivers are absent with their minds while driving. So, you should think about everyone around you. Pay attention what is happening around you, survey your mirrors and predict what other drivers in the traffic are going to do. This is one of the most important steps to become a Better Driver.

3. Allow Vehicles to Turn in to Traffic!

if the driver is waiting, especially if there are other cars after him, it is good gest to allow him to turn into traffic. However, don`t break in the traffic to let some driver to enter. You must do that in the most possible safe way in order not to put in danger the others after you. You should be extremely careful because no driver is expecting sudden brake.

4. Allow the Other Drivers to Pass!

If you see that someone is going more than the speed limit, allow him to pass. Passing the speed limit can lead to very dangerous situation. It is recommended to be in the most right lane on a street or a highway and to go in the left lane only when you are passing, except you are exiting from the left side or on you are turning left. Using the left lane only for passing will help the traffic in the other lanes.

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5. Use the turn signals at the right time!

Turn signals are made to inform other drivers when you have an intention to turn. We should notify the other drivers on time that we want to turn or change the lane, so they could take an appropriate action.

6. The Trucks Can`t Stop Like Cars!

You should keep in mind that the truck driver has difficulties to stop, turn or drive in reverse. So, when you are passing a truck wait until you see it on your rear view mirror, before you enter in its lane.

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7. NEVER, I MEAN NEVER Try to `Chase the Light`!

If the light turns yellow, you should always stop! Everybody around you in the traffic are expecting from the others to stop on the red light, so they can pass on the green. It is very dangerous to run on yellow lights. It is better to be late somewhere for 2 minutes than to risk your life and the life of the others around you.

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8. Always Keep The Distance with The Driver Ahead of You!

Keeping a comfortable distance with the car ahead is one of the most important rules in traffic. Keep around 2 to 4 second between you and the car ahead depending on the speed, That is going to make you a Better Driver.

You should predict how much time you will need to turn in the next lane safely or stop if the vehicle in front of you stops. You should be even more careful if there is snow, rain, ice or sand, because in those cases the surface is more slippery.

9. Be Wary of the Kids in the Residential Areas!

The kids` minds are focused on the game with the ball or riding their bikes. So, you should be wary of every unpredictable object and people in the residential areas.

10. Senior Citizens Also Have a Need to Drive!

Most senior citizens must obtain their essentials by themselves. However, when you are driving behind them, always watch for their unexpected moves and keep the decent distance. The most common mistakes that senior citizens do is changing the lanes without turn signals. Be aware of that.


11. Change the Lane if Is Starting to Slow Down!

You should change the lane earlier if you see emergency vehicles, police or utility work ahead of you. This helps the people who are in bad situation. So, take the open lanes on time, before the traffic is stuck. To become a Better driver you need time!

12. Be Polite with the Police!

If you are pulled over by the traffic police, you should be nice to the officer and they may let you go, even if you violate a traffic law. However, it will depend on tip of your violation.

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