Now Here’s AN EPIC DRIFT INTO GARAGE! Biggest Fail Ever?!?! Check It Out!

Anyone who knows (at least) a thing or two about the art of drift-driving, knows quite well that it could be a dangerous sport, especially if a total amateur is trying to pull out some extremely difficult trick! And in a case you are a Gearhead yourself, then I`m sure you`ve tried to do a little bit of drifting on your own, so you`re completely aware that it requires a high level of driving skills. Therefore, when you put all of this into one equation, you (should) know that unless you`ve come close to the level of the professional drifters, like Ken Block, or Vaughn Gittin Jr, you shouldn`t try to do some of the stuff they`re doing!

But obviously, not all Gearheads and drift aficionados think this way! More often than not, some of them are jumping from the comfort of their armchairs, where they`re playing the drift-video games, straight into their rides. And as you could imagine, they`re trying to pull some extremely dangerous maneuver, but in the process, they destroy a few things that come on their way!

Something like the guy in the following video that you`ll see in just a moment, who tried to drift-park his vehicle in front of the garage! Yes, in front of the garage, not inside of it, given the fact that its door was closed! But, it didn`t remain that way after he did what he did!

Now, in all fairness, we cannot guarantee with our lives that he was definitely trying to do the above mentioned, but it sure looks like it. However, because we are not 100% sure about it, we`re willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Thus, you better check out the video and see it yourselves. Afterwards you can sound off your thoughts about it in the comment section below! And in a case you want to see a few great drift-videos, full with adrenaline rush, go to this link.