This drifting video that you are about to see in just a few moments is taking place at the AC Landshut club`s speedway stadium in Germany, where all those who were present there had the chance to witness one a little bit unusual (for the lack of better word) event, a drifting battle between two different opponents. It was the representative of one of the German`s most famous car magazine who decided to take on this challenge with this BMW 235i M with M Performance Parts installed in it, of course, against Karl Maier and his speedway motorcycle, who is a BMW bike dealer and even four times drifting champion of the world.

The beamer is powered by 3.0 liter BMW Twin-Power Turbo motor that can generate 326 HP and 332 pounds feet of torque and the speedway bike has 500cc one cylinder engine that runs on a methanol-fuel and can give an output of 80 HP. But the difference in weight between these two is almost 3 000 pounds.

The main goal for both contestants was to succeed drifting for whole five hours, and both the rider and the driver proved to be worthy of this task. But it seemed like those five exhausting hours were not enough for Karl Maier, so the former drift champion decided to wrap the day with a few off-track laps with his specially modified BMW S1000 RR and make a glorious closure. Check out the BMW 235i M Vs Speedway Bike race and see what I`m talking about!

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Enjoy the video below!

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