Nothing Can Stop The Mighty Volkswagen Minivan!

It has always been believed that everything that is made in Germany is perfect in quality and functionality. Though we cannot be sure whether this is true for literary everything, we can surely say that German cars are one of the best in the world and they never fail to impress us. In this video we take a look at a video which yet again proves this theory. We see a Volkswagen Minivan literary bend in half but it still keeps going and works perfectly. Though the video is fairly short and we do not know the exact reason of how it happened, we get to see this little thing in action.

Nothing Can Stop The Mighty Volkswagen Minivan 1

It looks like something fell on top of the minivan or pushed it from the top and made a gigantic hole in the middle. But this mighty Volkswagen Minivan still keeps going. When the video starts we would all think that we are looking at an old piece of car that is supposed to go at the junkyard, but then it is time for a big surprise.

The man drives the minivan inside the shop and then parks it nearby. But the surprising does not end here. Instead of walking out of the Volkswagen Minivan from the door, as you would expect, the man gets out from the windscreen. This awesome white machine seems to be immortal and nothing can stop it. What do you think; do Germans really make cars of top most quality and endurance?

Posted by Santa Catarina em FoTos on Friday, October 6, 2017