This Is How You Can Repair Cracked Windscreen!

As we all know and are familiar with, repairing a cracked windscreen at the mechanics or even completely changing it can be super expensive. But clever people have designed a product that can save your day and repair that small crack on the windscreen, thus save couple of hundreds of dollars from your wallet. The whole kit with all the necessary equipment and tools was designed by Esprit and in this video we see this beautiful demonstration in which you are going to see all the steps and you are going to be able to repair a cracked windscreen yourself. The first thing you are going to do is to drill out the crack and make sure you clean it afterwards so there is not dust on it.

How You Can Repair Cracked Windscreen Tech Insider 1

Then take the suction cup and secure it in place with the small opening being placed over the crack. This is called the repair bridge. This bridge is used like a guide to inject in the UV resin using a syringe. The plunger is then used to suck all the air out thus creating a vacuum seal. Then the suction cup is taken off and the resin is cured until firm with a UV lamp.

This process removes all the cracks and imperfections. In order to remove all the excess glass you can use a razor blade and carefully scrape off. Finally you clean everything off and in just matter of minutes you can easily have your cracked windscreen repaired!

At last, here is one more guide on how to fix your cracked windshield.