How To Fix HOLE or RIP In Your CAR SEAT!

Having a hole or a rip in our cars` seat can be annoying and often make the car look ugly, which is why we take a look at the following video which gives us a tutorial on how to fix hole in your seat. There are few simple steps you need to follow and it is something you can easily do at home. First of all, you need to cut off a small piece from the same cloth under the seat. Usually there is a part of the material which is sticking out so you do not have to worry about destroying it. Then you need to cut it out according to the size of the hole.

Fix Hole leather car Seat break rip tear 3

It has to be a perfect fit so take your time and do it carefully. Then fit the piece tightly in the hole. Take a small piece of waxed paper just to make sure it will not stick. To glue everything in place you are going to need leather and vinyl repair filler which is going to be clear once it is dried. You can easily find one of eBay. Then apply the glue inside the hole, especially on those tiny fibers which are sticking out.

Use a sharp tool with a pointed end to stick the piece of cloth in the hole. Put your wax paper on top of it and secure everything with a piece of steel that is used as a weight. Check the video for more and see how this awesome tutorial on how to fix hole ends!

At last, here is how you can prevent tears and cracks on the seats.