Beautiful Christina Billings With Some Amazing Harley Davidson Bike STUNTS!

All types of motorsports, whether racing or stunting, is dominated by men. So, it`s very refreshing when you see a woman doing wonders in this sport. We are talking about the world of stunt riding and the displays of the gorgeous Christina Billings. To make it even more interesting, there is a special kind of bike in the mix. The kind of bike that you usually imagine riding on a straight highway into the sunset. Not your traditional stunt bike, but a very cool and heavy Harley Davidson motorcycle. Yeah folks, she is using a 100% Cruiser Bike for performing various stunt tricks.

With this video, Christina Billings sure shatters the stereotype. She loves breaking the rules, but not all rules, just those that defies the laws of physics. She manages to operate this heavy hunk of metal with incredible energy. Doing a wheelie while crossing fire is like a walk the park for her. This furious blonde is a true manifestation of the American dream, because she has everything you can possible wish in a girl. Every move she makes is done with much grace. Click on the video below and take a quick lap with the gorgeous Christina Billings and her awesome skill demonstration.

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