Some people find lawn mowing an amusing yet productive way to spend a certain part of the day. On the other hand, there are persons who simply detest the thought of mowing the lawn, not to mention the process itself. However, everything becomes a lot easier if you include something fun, or try a different method. The video you are about to see has something to do with lawn mowing but from a whole new perspective. Namely, you are going to watch the setting of yet another world record set by the fastest lawn mower! It happened just over a month in the capital of Norway, Oslo.

It is a word of the seriously modified VIKING T6 series lawn tractor. Most of the exterior parts like the hood, center section and grass catcher box resemble the original ones, however the chassis had to be strongly reinforced in order to endure the 405 horsepower produced by the MADNESS POWER GM LS1 engine! Moreover, the use of an F1 paddle shifter system was mandatory as well. Finally, a mowing deck was also mounted in order to make this modified Viking T6 lawn tractor meet the criteria and thus become the fastest lawn mower in the world!

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