No! This Can’t End Well! Watch This Kid ALMOST WRECKS BMW M3 TRYING TO DRIFT!!!

Taking into a consideration the high level of an adrenaline rush and the satisfaction it gives, it is completely understandable why everyone who`s into fast and powerful rides, love to drift. Or at least try to drift-drive, that`s for sure. But for the final outcome of it (sometimes you could call it `an experiment`, by all means), we cannot be so sure. As a matter of fact, in certain cases, one could smell the coming disaster even in the very first yards the ride starts burning the rubber. Thus, in those cases, the first thing that comes into your mind is “This can`t end well” – just like in the following case!

So, what we have here is a small group of kids (probably teens), chilling out in a great new BMW M3 with a white paintjob, cruising the streets and having a joyride. One of the things teens does on a regular basis, right? But once they`ve stopped at the intersection, in those short moments when they were about to turn right, they`ve come to the idea to show off their `drifting skills`.

And it turned out to be a pretty bad idea! Fortunately for them, they were also extremely lucky and didn`t wreck that fine and expensive beamer, nor any of the other vehicles that came really close, especially that Jeep SUV on the other lane. And most important, none of the innocent bystanders got hurt!

Hopefully, they`ll take a good lesson out of this experience, `cause the next time they might not be so lucky! And since we`re talking about teens and drifting, go to this link if you want to learn something about the drift schools in the USA!