Fiat Chrysler Group Invested Staggering $1 Billion To Upgrade Their Jeep Factories!

Fiat Chrysler Group 3
The Wrangler`s future in Toledo, Ohio is most definitely secure! The Fiat Chrysler Group announced plans to invest $1.05 billion in order to revamp the Wrangler factory and one more site in Illinois to manufacture Jeeps! This investment may add another additional 1000 jobs! Is this cool or what?

The Fiat Chrysler Group is investing $700 million for the Wrangler factory in Toledo alone. There they plan to build the next-generation Wrangler! The Wrangler is a vehicle that is hotly anticipated by enthusiasts! The FCA`s factory in Belvidere, Illinois receives $350 million of investments to build the new Jeep Cherokee! What do you think?

FCA has a pretty good reason for this investment move! The Jeep brand has posted some very healthy sales and enjoys a pretty strong reputation around the world!

Fiat Chrysler Group 2