BMW M3 E92 EXHAUST By Armytrix Makes Loud And INSANE NOISE!

I do not know about you, but if we put aside the well known European hypercars, and take a closer look at what is left, one of the very few cars that giggles my curiosity and makes me want to jump behind its wheel is the Bavarian pride, the BMW. Okay, there are probably a few others more, like the Alfa Romeo, but when it comes to speed, power, endurance and beauty, all at one place, I would go with the Beemer! And for those of you who feel pretty much the same way about the BMW, today we have prepared one really great video clip, that features one awesome model of BMW M3 E92, equipped with the Armytrix M3 E92 exhaust system, in a short but very effective and attractive burnout action.

It takes place on a secluded road, where there is no one around to get in the way, so the guy behind the wheel of that powerful Beemer has the liberty to make it roar and scream like insane, do a little bit of donuts and to create clouds of smoke! Just the way we all like it!

So check out the video and enjoy this following BMW M3 E92 exhaust sound and burnouts action all the way! And if you want to find out something about the Armytrix performance exhaust system, go to this link.