There is no rest for the wicked! At least not for this 555ci drag boat! This gorgeous beast will charm you once you set your eyes on it! Being one of the very first of its kind, it paves the way for many others coming along the way. The boat`s engine is enriched with twin 80 mm turbo and EFI (electronic fuel injection), meaning that it is absolutely spectacular to watch it in action. This drag boat racing is a major challenge for its constructors, but they will get there. It is certainly worth the effort! Riding this vessel might feel like dividing water in two as you cut through. It might sound biblical, but it is included in the experience this drag boat offers.

One possible downside might be the fact that you will not be able to fish from this twin-turbo EFI drag boat racing. However, once you are inside and driving it, fishing will be the last thing on your mind! Possessing some great features and god-like speed, this beauty will make you fall in love with it instantly! But be careful, it is quite wicked. And you know what they say about the wicked ones- there is no rest for them!

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