Why No Production Car Has Ever Joined The 300MPH Club?

You`ve probably heard of the Bugatti Veyron or the new Chiron, but both of their projected top speeds are nowhere near 300MPH, with the Veyron having a top speed of 230MPH instead. There is a reason for this – a production car has a bigger aerodynamic drag than modified cars and this means that one of today`s fastest production cars, the Veyron would have to have at least 1800HP before it would break the 300MPH barrier. This much horsepower is necessary because of the huge wind resistance, incredible drag and rolling resistance in all directions including the tires, parasitic losses and a number of other factors.

This also means that the Veyron would have to have Special Michelin Sport 2 tires which would be perfectly balanced and will hold together at extreme Gs. Also, it would need an even more efficient cooling system because it rejects around 3000 horsepower only through heat and that`s a whole lot of heat. All in all, until we can see someone jam a whole lot more horsepower in a single vehicle while simultaneously dealing with an upgraded cooling system and a maximally efficient tire system, we`re not going to see any production cars breaking the 300MPH barrier.

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