Scaled Down Hypercar: Check Out This Kids Size Bugatti Veyron!

When we were youngsters, the coolest kid in the neighborhood was the one having a BMX fitted with many accessories. In some rare and lucky cases, a kid could be seen rolling in a go-kart. However, some kids of today really have some pretty crazy set of wheels at their disposal. These toys are so insane that you actually have to see them in order to believe. That`s why we decided to share this video with you guys. In this one, we have a custom-made hypercar Bugatti Veyron made for kids! You can get a full rundown of this magnificent kid`s vehicle in the video below.

Long story short, you can see a very cool kid that has the time of his life in a shrunken down hypercar Bugatti Veyron after picking up the girl. The details on this creation are so greatly done that will blow your mind away. It features realistically done scissor-style doors, pioneer stereo, leather interior coverings and an advanced spoiler. It looks like a Power Wheels toy pumped up on steroids. It`s an all-wheel-drive that is powered by a 500cc engine which delivers 40hp! However, this little pleasure for your kid definitely doesn`t come cheap, it costs $50,000. You can order it on eBay with a build time of three to four months.

You know there is a Tesla Kids version, right? Check it out.