Nitrogen Liquid & Coca Cola Rocket Hack! The Crazy Russian Hacker Shocks Us Once Again!

It`s been a while since we last heard from the Crazy Russian Hacker who never seems to disappoint us with his incredibly fun hacks. The next one is extremely interesting as he shows us what happens when you pour Nitrogen Liquid in a Coca Cola bottle. You know Coke is always involved in chemical reaction, but have you ever seen it in this spot light? Well, here is what will happen if you mix Coca Cola with nitrogen liquid!

To do this nitrogen liquid experiment, all you need is a Styrofoam cup where you will pour the nitrogen. Just a little bit, you do not need too much. After that, all you need to do is pour the cup of nitrogen liquid into the coca cola bottle and wait for the results. If you did everything right and in accordance with the Crazy Russian`s inputs, your bottle should be launched like a rocket into the air when turned upside down. However, even if you are out of Coca Cola at the moment, you can do the exact same trick just by using water. The rocket effect is guaranteed – just do it! Of course, kids, do not do this at home!

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