Nissan Sylvia S14 Drift 1JZ Beauty, Power, Sound…

When it comes to the fabulous Nissan s14 drift supercars, there really is not a need for using many words for describing all of the great aspects of the entire lineup. Videos like this are just another proof that rare are those cars that can actually match up with these incredible product of Japanese perfect engineering, both in outdoor looks and most importantly with what is there under the hood.

On the video bellow we have a stunning specimen of Nissan Silvia with a 1 JZ engine getting out of the garage and than hitting the city highways. I must add that one of the things that are making this Nissan Silvia so desirable is the right choice for color – the purple metallic blue with a black hood.

Pay attention somewhere after the second minute when you will be able to hear its engine screams, while making small and short drifts. Nothing like a good old Nissan Skyline to get you up and inspired to take your own ride for a little spin. Enjoy this very well shot video.

If you want to know how to set up a Nissan for drifting, this is the basic guide u should watch! Check out this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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