NEW RECORD: 8.63 at 158MPH! World’s QUICKEST Camaro 6 SPEED!

Check out this NEW RECORD: 8.63 at 158MPH! World’s QUICKEST 6-SPEED GM CAR! This Camaro 6 speed really pulls like a demon!

A new record again here at MUSCLE CARS ZONE! Today we present you a race between the fastest Camaro to be and the fastest ZR1 on the planet at the moment! But will the Vette stay in that position? The Camaro has 4 digits in the number of horsepower -- 1100 and a 76mm Turbo! It has manual six speed transmission RPM 256. Now we are starting with the agenda. First things first -- a test run which wasn`t looking as promising for a world record. But that`s why it is called a test run. After that the real performance comes! Green light -- 1st 2nd 3rd 4th gear -- WORLD RECORD!

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