5 Things You Should Never Do To An Automatic Transmission!

Maintaining your car properly and taking good care of it will extend its lifetime by a lot. We are all already familiar with some of the things we should not do to our cars, but this video is going to give you some extra information hence we take a look at five things you should never to do an automatic transmission vehicle. First of all we check out the torque converter that is going to help us easily understand how the system of an automatic transmission works.

Never Do This To An Automatic Transmission Vehicle 2

We kick off our list with the first thing you should never do to such car, and that is a pretty common mistake we all do. Namely, you should never put your car in neutral as you are going down from a hill. Many might think that this is going to improve the cars` fuel economy, but in fact you could save more fuel by putting your car into gear hence the engine block the flow of the fuel and uses only the wheels to glide down from the hill.

The second thing you should avoid doing is switching from drive to reverse while the car still moves i.e. it has not been completely stopped. This way you will not use the automatic transmission to stop your car i.e. you are going to do this with your brakes; hence the transmission was not designed for that. If you want to learn more be sure to check out the video and see the rest of the tips!

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