The Nissan GTR powered Ford Focus Is Ready To Conquer the Pikes Peak Hill Climb 2017!

Nissan GTR powered Ford Focus Pikes Peak Hill Climb 2017 2

Upgrading or changing setups to your car in order to achieve a hill climb, a drag strip or anything similar is necessary. The variations are endless, whether from changing your tires or completely replacing and upgrading your engine. We will take a look at what it takes to subdue the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, a truly unique modification of a car. This climb is very well-known for its different sort of swooping and hairpins which make it extremely dangerous. These guys took a platform out of a Ford Focus and built this MONSTER.

It has a complete steel tube frame to give the car ultimate security. But its most extraordinary characteristic is what lies under the hood. The normal Ford engine was taken out and replaced by a Nissan GT-R engine to make the car even more furious. As we can see from the video, the car is tested on the dynamo and on the tracks to make sure that it has all the necessary equipment for conquering the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. The inside of the car is basic since the steel frame takes up most of the space. What do you think, will this modification be enough to achieve the goal?

For more info about this event, visit the official website.

Tube Frame -- R35 powered Hill Climb Car

Here's a quick edit of some video we shot while tuning and track testing the Highlands -- Experience the Exceptional Pikes Peak hillclimb car built by PACE Innovations Pty Ltd. We're happy to report that the testing was a success and the car is about to be loaded in a container and shipped to Colorado in preparation for this years event. Expect to see some technical videos of this car in the near future. #pikespeakprep #highperformanceacademy #learntotune

Posted by High Performance Academy on Wednesday, May 3, 2017