Film Star TIM ALLEN’s 1956 Ford Pickup Truck Fitted With A NRE 490 Hemi ENGINE!

For many of us gearheads, building cars is a passion bigger than life. However, we do need a big budget to mess around with as well. Nevertheless, for car enthusiasts like film star Tim Allen, having a big budget is no problem. Having said that, the machines that result from their enthusiasm tend to be amazingly captivating. In this one, we have something very special made by Nelson Racing Engines for Tim Allen. It`s a monstrous 56 Ford Pickup truck powered by a 490 Hemi! Meaning that this truck doesn`t even want to hear about conventionality. It`s just the way we like it!

For an efficient air flow, the 490 Hemi fitted inside has 8 throttle blades. However, not everything fascinating in this 56 Ford pickup truck can be found under the hood. The exterior has some pretty neat custom touches that demand shrewd attention for detail. You will need to have a second look at this video in order to truly admire all the hours and hard work dumped into this menacing truck. All of that work has really payed off because now this truck is obliterating the competition at car shows. Watch the video below and make sure to tell us what you like the most about this truck!

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