MythBusters Impress Us For The LAST TIME! They Are Using A Truck Wedge To Get Rid Of Anything In Their Path!

The famous show MythBusters has played a big part in many people`s lives! Adam and Jamie taught us a lot of useful things throughout their career as the hosts of this great TV show. As a treat for today, we are sharing a video of Adam as he rams a truck with a truck wedge in front! He was an unstoppable force in that truck, plowing through anything that found itself on the path! We can only assume how much damage is done in this video, but it is still AWESOME!

What makes everything better is that this is the editor`s cut, so you can see everything that is happening on the airstrip from a lot of different angles! Furthermore, we are really happy that there are a lot of angles, because this video is completely ACTION PACKED! Anything that got in the way of the truck wedge got DESTROYED! It would have been a shame not to share this excellent video with you guys here!

This whole thing starts at an airstrip that has a lot of obstacles on it! In a classical MythBusters way, they decide to RAM everything on the airstrip instead of evading it! We are not surprised because Adam and Jamie are known to deal with problems in their own special way! Nonetheless, the video starts with Adam accelerating and finally ramming into 20 parked cars! Not one, not two, but TWENTY! Furthermore, it was not only cars that were blocking the way for the truck.

There were even portable toilets, Christmas trees, an airplane, a lot of props. The list goes on and on! To sum it all up, this is one amazing video! A lot of damage was done, but no one was hurt! Well, no one except everything unfortunate enough to be placed on the airstrip.

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