Two Customized FORD MUSTANG GT 5.0 By Defender Worx!

If you ask any big time fan of the legendary all-American pony car, or even just a regular Ford Mustang enthusiast, what could possibly be better than a jaw-dropping, fast and powerful `Stang specimen, I bet that the most likely answer that you will hear is “Two jaw-dropping customized Ford Mustang rides!”. And of course, who would blame them, or even disagree with such a rational answer?!

Well, if you can find yourselves in that group of the Ford Mustang aficionados, today we have prepared for you an awesome video clip that will make you look at your favorite Detroit muscle with your eyes wide open and an open mouth!

Just as you could have read in the title, what you are about to see in the following clip, filmed by our team at the 2015 SEMA car show, are two, very sharp and clean looking, ultra powerful Mustangs, that will make your head spin, in a case you try to decide which one is better, more gorgeous, and so on…

Both of these great `Stangs are GT 5.0 models (The red specimen is called Mustang T-Rex), and I believe that you all know what that means. Thus, we`ll leave you to check out the video below and feast your eyes with these awesome looking and very powerful customized Ford Mustang examples.

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