Knowing where you come from and having an interest to your roots is one of the essential things in the existence of both the individuals and certain groups of people, as well as some of the products that we are using on everyday basis. And as I`m pretty sure that we can all agree that when it comes to the world of the Gearheads, motorcycles are playing one of the most important roles, today we have decided to show you a clip that is showing us the very first motorcycle with steam engine ever built, almost a century and a half ago, in 1869, by SYLVESTER ROPER.

If we have to describe this motorbike in layman`s terms, we would say that it looks like a combo of a bicycle and a Choo-Choo train! However, this motorcycle was actually the first two-wheeled, self-propelled machine in the United States, and it was first presented to the public in the year of 1869, in the home town of SYLVESTER ROPER, Roxbury, Massachusetts.

It immediately became a huge hit, so its inventor started to display it in numerous tours in various circuses and fairs all over New England, and later on in the other East Coast states. It was quite a reliable machine that could transport people from point A to point B. And as we can see in the video below, it still functions pretty well by this day!

So have a look at the video and see this piece of the very beginning of the motorcycle history yourself! And if you want to find but more about it, as well as for its inventor, go to this link.