All of you who are following us on a regular basis, know well that every now and then, besides the regular clips that are featuring some utterly thrilling bike races, some crazy stunts and other appealing moments, we are showing you videos in which we can see some truly rare models. And when we are saying rare, it means that they can be highly customized, original and unique, or we could be talking about some vintage models that cannot be seen often. But theĀ BOARD TRACK MOTORCYCLE that we have prepared for you today is by far one of the most impressive and rare motorcycles that we have ever seen.

And the reason is that this one is not just a classic motorcycle, but a real antique from the beginning of the previous century. Made back in 1915, this IndianĀ BOARD TRACK MOTORCYCLE is 99 years old, and it used to be a race bike, which is obvious from its design. It is powered by a 61 cubic inch engine with an 8 valve ported cylinder heads, and it is totally unrestored and in its original shape and form.

But amazingly, it can still run! According to that small amount of information that we could get, it was found dismantled, somewhere in Australia a few years ago, and purchased by a guy from the Netherlands.

Now check out the video below and see this antique machine in action! And if you want to see an interesting list of ten awesome classic motorcycles, go to this link.