FAST & FURIOUS Homemade Movie With BIG BOYS’ Toys! Amazing Video Without Any Visual Effects!

If you love cars and movies, then you are undoubtedly familiar with famous movie franchise Fast & Furious! So far so good, this franchise has spawned 8 films, and they plan on making even more! There have been a lot of parody videos from these movies on the internet, but the one we are sharing today is quite special! This movie reenactment comes from Homemade movies, and instead of actual cars, they use toy cars! Also, they have 2 actors parodying Dominic Toretto and Brian O`Conner! This might be a parody, but we must admit that it is remarkably well put together!

These guys are reenacting the last scene from the very first Fast & Furious movie, where Dom and Brian race each other. Instead of the actual cars, they use toy cars, a Toyota Supra for Brian and a Dodge Charger for Dom. As for the train, they have one made from cardboard, as well as the signs and traffic lights. Overall, this is an excellent movie reenactment of the first Fast and Furious movie! Props to these guys for their outstanding creativity! Press play on the video below to see how the first Fast and Furious would have looked like if it was filmed on a tight budget!

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