Motorcycle Roar Instead Of Road Rage! Biker Using A Very LOUD Exhaust To Stop Distracted Driving!

You must find this headline a bit contradictory. After all, how can a very loud exhaust improve safety? Since hearing a loud motorcycle is not something that associates with traffic safety, this thing can actually happen. In this video, there is a motorcycle rider who is very much concerned about safety in traffic. He stumbled upon a distracted SUV driver who decided to break the law by talking on the phone. Talking on the phone can make you an unsafe driver and also very distracted. This YouTuber that goes by the name of 6Foot4Honda and has almost a million subscribers on YouTuber has the ultimate solution.

After riding on the road and minding his own business, this YouTuber who saw a guy talking on the phone while driving, decided to use his very loud exhaust as a deterrent. This proved to be a very efficient solution as the guy talking on the phone couldn`t hear a thing because of the extremely loud exhaust note. The SUV driver immediately switched off his phone and started paying better attention. So, instead of yelling at the driver, the loud exhaust note did the yelling for him. After all, who needs road rage when you have a loud exhaust? Watch the video below and learn how to make the roads safer by strapping a powerful exhaust on your 4 stroke pet.

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