LOUD EXHAUST SOUND by Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R!

Imagine this: sitting in your backyard, under the sun, enjoying it and all of a sudden you hear a sound that reminds of a tumbling thunder. Naturally you are asking yourself where does this sound come from, when the sky is so bright? It certainly cannot be a sound of a tumbling thunder on such a sunny day, but this is something that resembles of it. You are already guessing where I am going with this. That`s right. It is the exhaust sound performed by his excellency Nissan Skyline R34 GT – R. Music for the ears of every passionate car lover. It is just impossible for this loud exhaust sound to stay unnoticed.

You can feel how the engine sound fits in and enhances this amazing sound. This video is about a real beast, and when you watch it, you think it can take off at any second, yet it stays there, roaring in the garage. That`s the feeling we got when we watched it for the first time and immediately wanted to share it with you guys. But to be frank, we still have that feeling. So, check it out!

However, in case you have a loud exhaust sound and you don’t want it, follow this link!