1,200 HP Challenger SRT8 Supercharger! Amazing Sound!

What a man needs to make his day better? The answer is the sound of a V8 engine roaring down the road. There is something special about this engine that makes a man tremble. So, we`ve posted a video for all V8 fans. It`s a video of a highly upgraded Dodge Challenger SRT8 supercharger creation of Craven Performance. This beauty is fueled by a 572 Hemi V8 engine and a 10-71 Supercharger.

It has 1200 horsepower, but the correct power shall be known as soon as the car is tested on a dyno. Before that, we have the pleasure to enjoy the magnificent sound that this beast produces. Just WOW!

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 1,200 HP Supercharged Challenger SRT8 1,200 HP Supercharged Challenger SRT8 b