+2000HP SALEEN S7 AWD Hits The DYNO! Talk About Some Serious POWER!

Another demonstration of American power. Check out this insane dyno run with +2200HP Saleen S7 AWD! This beast is HUGE! What you are about to see in the first half of this video is barely nothing to what follows in the second half! But yes, there is one fire spitting moment announcing that the best is yet to come. After that, the car runs smoothly for a while and then the amazing happens. The man inside the car pushed the pedal to the metal and we are grateful that this car was strapped. It gave an impression of a wormhole opening taking this mighty vehicle into another galaxy! This car can pull the whole Earth! So, be careful, it`s loud, you may want some ear protectors. Can you imagine what this car will do if it was let on the track? We would go with “it will enter in another dimension“ or “it will travel back in time just like Back In The Future“.

Unfortunately, we don`t know much about the machine of this Saleen S7 AWD. However, it is said that it has a whopping 2200 horsepower, and 25psi. At the dyno test, it showed a maximum power of 2281.8hp at 7100 rpm. As for the torque, it peaked at 6650 rpm, when it had a max torque of 1737.4ft lbs. We are not sure if we have ever seen a more impressive result than this. We would absolutely love to see this monstrosity race! It will be the most insane thing ever! We can only wait and see if our wish comes true. What we do know however, if they ever plan on doing a new sequel for “Back to the Future“, they should use this car. There will be no need for special effects whatsoever.

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