Brushed Metal Vinyl Gallardo Fire Spitting At Night!

Under the bright city lights, strolling down the streets a brushed metal vinyl, fire throwing dragon, a “creature” that is desired in every garage. This magnificent brushed metal beast catches everybody`s attention when it passes by and it will definitely catch yours once you see it. We present you the one of a kind Lamborghini Gallardo, at its finest. A Lambo that everybody would love to get into. But it is also exciting to watch it in movement. Especially when it is capable of spitting fire! This video demonstrates exactly that! The acceleration this car shows leaves everyone barely speechless. It makes you think that it is faster than the wind, louder than the thunder. When it comes to sound, it is a whole new story. Now the feeling is complete. Don`t forget to turn up the volume of your speakers.

Somewhere in the middle of the video, there is a pick-up truck passing the Gallardo. We bet the driver of that truck is pretty happy in that moment! You rarely get the chance to be faster than a Lamborghini. Watch until the end to see how the brushed metal vinyl Gallardo disappears in the darkness, like a Batmobile.