1000HP DIESEL Dodge Pickup Truck With Some Serious Performance! This Thing Is the KING of DIRT!

If you still have in your garage an old pickup truck, which only function is to look, then it is time to make up some modifications that will revive your vehicle. A mighty idea may come alive with this video below, where one diesel Dodge pickup truck Ram 2500 is creatively transformed into a super monstrous machine that can reach believe it or not 1000 HP.

You know what people say: behind the good horse, there is always going to be a lot of dust, and that quote is clearly confirmed in this video where the diesel Dodge pickup truck machine with its paddle tires on the rear wheels is ready to smash the ground. Moreover, this powerful “horse” leaves black smoke and dust behind it as it boosts its, so far unattainable power.

The feeling to drive this kind of pickup is honestly presented by the owner of this Dodge Ram 2500 at the end of the video and the slow motion before of it, shows a close look at the incredible performance that it can offer. We did not hear him making an apologize, so instead of him we must express a huge compassion for mother nature, but honestly, this had to happen in our lovely world of fascinating vehicles.