4200HP V24 Mine Truck Monstrous Engine Rebuild!

Although we normally associate powerful engines with fast cars, that is not actually correct. When it comes to sheer power of an engine, the most powerful engines go on haul trucks! Today, we take a look at how a mine truck engine rebuild is done!

Mine Truck Engine Rebuild 4

This behemoth of an engine has a whopping 4200hp and can have up to 24 cylinders! Because a lot of strain is put on these engines, they are rebuilt after about 20,000 hours of work. This process can be done numerous times instead of just once, saving companies a lot of money and time at once.

Every rebuild is a massive overtaking, and almost every part is remanufactured or replaced. Each part is checked for tear after being dismantled, going all the way to the crankshaft and the camshaft. After being completely dismantled, every part that is deemed salvageable is cleaned, including the huge cylinder block. This is done by soaking the parts in a hot sodium phosphate solution. We will stop explaining the procedure here. However, if you are interested to know how a mine truck engine rebuild is done, press play on the video below and find out! It is truly a work of art!

They say this engine will change the future? Do you think the same?