This Mercedes Door Crease Removal is Quite Impressive! No Repaint Needed!

Each and every one of us had probably faced a dent in our car at some point. They can be big or small, narrow and wide, but they ruin the cars` look anyhow. The only thing left to do is to take your car at your local work shop who could fix it. Though there are many techniques, Jake Quintin from F1 Dents shows his own. He is highly skilled craftsman and does the door crease removal in several steps. To begin with he carefully inspects where the crease is and how big it is. In the demonstration video the crease is on the Mercedes right door.

Next, he sets up a bright light which is fixed in place just above the crease. He then slits a piece of metal in the window channel and secures it with two pieces of wood, thus making a room to use the pry bar. Then slowly, inch by inch, removes the crease from the inside out. He slightly taps the door with a rubber mallet. His precision is perfect. It does not a long time until this door crease removal is finished. You could not even tell if there had been a crease before!

For more tutorials about dent removals, follow F1Dents on Youtube.