See How BENTLEY Factory Creates W12 Engines! Engineering At Its Finest!

Have you ever wanted to see how the amazing W12 engines are constructed? If yes, this video is for you! It shows every single detail and every single bolt that went into the work when constructing this engine. Hours upon hours of manual assembly, perfect precision and incredible craftsmanship are the traits of this Bentley Factory. The sight of those cylinders pumping in perfect sync sends chills down my spine and it will surely do the same with yours! After the main part of the engine is completed, the incredibly skilled workers start adding some additional stuff that will make the engine run smoother and faster.

It`s really something to see this very powerful engine being created out of nothing, put inside a car and having it work. In the end, after all that it`s been through, the workers put the engine in a test room and measure its maximum torque. The worker spins that knob all the way around and the engine is still fine! It just roars smoothly and continues working perfectly. After all, it had so many hours of skilled craftsmanship invested in it! If you ask me, this is one of the best engines out there.

If you want to visit the Bentley Factory, make sure you follow the rules of the walking tour.