Mercedes or Audi? RS6 vs E63 Drag Race!

On more discussion was taken out of the Gearhead roundtable and put into test! The infinite dilemma – Audi or Mercedes, will be made clearer after you watch this RS6 vs E63 drag race! So, let`s see how the AUDI RS6 AVANT performed against the MERCEDES E63 AMG WAGON! First of all, let`s straight up the facts. We have two magnificent machines, both with staggering power and engines inside them. Or, if you want to talk numbers, the Audi RS6 features a Twin Turbo V8 engine of 3993 cc.

Mercedes Audi This RS6 vs E63 Drag Race 2

This 4WD can reach 552 horsepower and 516 lb/ft of torque which positions this one on the top ladder of powerful cars! As for the performance, only 3.9 seconds are needed for this one to reach 60 miles per hour, whereas the top speed is 155 mph. On the other hand, the Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon comes with a bigger engine, more horsepower but lags behind the Audi in other features.

5461 cc Twin Turbo V8 engine and 577 HP with 590 ft/lb of torque are neglected when it comes to the acceleration. The Mercedes needs 4.2 seconds to reach the 60 mph speed but it equals the Audi RS6 when it comes to the top speed of 155 mph! However, turns out that the Audi won by covering the 1/4 mile in 11.4 seconds while in the same time, the Mercedes E63 needed 12.2 seconds for the same distance.

However, check out the video and see the other factors that impacted the RS6 vs E63 race! Finally, read something more about this frequently asked question: Audi or Mercedes?!