750HP Audi RS6 Build By PP Performance & Akrapovic Exhaust!

Watching various videos of people pushing their car to the limit is always exciting, hence we all love speed and we all love taking a look at those brand new super car models, cars that are said to be extremely powerful. Even though we have recently taken a look at various Audi RS6 videos, what you are about to see in this one is way better than every other. Namely, this man takes his own Audi RS6 for a furious drive at the autobahn and it is the best way to start your day. He gets inside the car, buckles up and everything seems ready for an amazing show. But what do the numbers say about it?

750HP Audi RS6 Build By PP Performance Akrapovic Exhaust 2

Well, it has a 4.0 V8 BiTurbo engine that is able to produce massive 750 HP. Yes, it seems that the sky is the limit for this gorgeous Audi RS6. The amazing performance starts off pretty furious even at the beginning, but just soon after it is time for the real deal. When the road was clear and there were not lots of cars, the driver reached massive speed.

The car`s top speed is actually whooping 340km/h. The Audi RS6 we see in this video was touched up by PP Performance and every aspect about it is simply gorgeous. Even though we do not see the car from the outside, we can all agree that is something special and one of a kind.

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