Massachusetts State Police Pulled Over FIFTEEN Exotic Cars! CORVETTES, Dodge Vipers, Lamborghinis… What A SIGHT!

Video Credits: Brian Vidtrix

Massachusetts State Police pulled over FIFTEEN Exotic Cars! The majority of them are Chevrolet Corvettes, Lamborghinis… The usual places to see a plethora of such exotic vehicles at once are definitely the car shows as well as the Concours d`elegance festivals. It is not weird to see high-performance muscle cars as well as import supercars gathered at such venues. However, in the video below you are going to see exactly 15 supercars standing one after another in a rather unusual place to be seen. Or a situation, if you prefer. Namely, the following recording features high-performance vehicles PULLED OVER by the Massachusetts State Police! Unfortunately, we have no information why all these magnificent vehicles have been pulled over! But if you know something more about this event, feel free to let us know!

Massachusetts State Police Pulled Over FIFTEEN Exotic Cars! CORVETTES, Dodge Vipers, Lamborghinis… What A SIGHT!

NOTE: We now know what actually happened, thanks to the kind explanation of one of the guys in this situation! To be more precise, these fellas “were pulled over in traffic on 93 north for reports of speeding (despite it being bumper to bumper traffic) they documented the cars and drivers and let us all go without any violations.” “We were on our way to Childs birthday party.” Now everything makes more sense. Thank you for enlightening us! Anyway, in this expensive line of automobiles you will notice both American muscle cars and also import supercars. The most prevalent vehicle in this line is the Chevrolet Corvette, available in several different paintjobs! There are also Dodge Vipers, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, a BMW and a Porsche! Some of these vehicles are convertibles too! Also, another phenomenon is that nobody`s trying to escape and probably didn`t try at all! That`s what we have to say, now you enjoy the sight!

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Video Credits: Brian Vidtrix