Concours d’Elegance Vehicle Display At 2015 Zoute Grand Prix Classics!

The latest edition of the Zoute Grand Prix Classics auto show took place in Belgium, fifth time in a row. And everything is all set for next year`s event! Bravo! The goal of this gathering is to bring as many classy vehicles as possible in one place. In other words, the visitors enjoy several days of automotive paradise.

Concours D Elegance Participants 12

This gathering includes various events. For instance, rally with old-timers, Bonhams auction, tour with GT vehicles, exhibition of top brand automobiles and of course the inevitable Concours d`Elegance. Several of the state-of-the-art vehicles presented in these images are the Rolls Royce Dawn, Maserati`s MC12 GT1 Centenario as well as BMW`s 7 Series and 328 Homage Concept.

Finally, read more about the term Concourse d’Elegance!

Concours D Elegance Participants 1