This MAN Offroad Video Shows Just How Far Truck Technology Has Come!

Doesn`t it seem like yesterday when trucks were falling off the road left and right? However, recently a lot of this action has disappeared and this video seems to explain why, but that`s not all – it also shows how MAN offroad technology has improved and new types of breaks have been implemented in MAN trucks.

MAN Offroad Truck Technology 1

First, you have the rollback lock, which puts on an extra second of braking after you release the brake pedal, so you don`t slide downhill while you`re moving your foot from the brake to the gas pedal. Next, there is the offroad ABS which locks the wheels between 15 and 40 KMH if you want to slip down a slope. Now, this is mostly used when you absolutely have to do it, and it`s not recommended you do it whenever you please.

The next piece in this MAN offroad masterpiece is the ASR, which helps distribute torque on both rear wheels equally, thus helping you get a better grip on the ground and defeat any mud that you may have fallen into, but it will also help you to not spin off an unpaved road.

If you`re driving a tandem-axel assembly vehicle, you also get a turning brake, which makes the inside wheels of your truck when you turn, go slower, therefore letting you do a more effective turn. This brake depends on your steering angle and your speed, so you still won`t be able to do donuts with your giant MAN truck.

The final brake is the paver brake, which helps you not to roll down if you`re working as a road finisher and need to keep yourself constantly moving. There is more, so check out the video!

Finally, check out this awesome off-road simulation app!