Drift Challenge Touge Slide 2nd Edition! Check This Out!

Drifting With One Wheel OFF The Road -- Drift Challenge Touge Slide 2nd Edition!

It is AMAZING how far DRIFTING has gone! Turns out that simple drifting is not attractive enough so some drifters decided to do something different in order to be more extreme! In that matter, we have a video here from the DRIFT CHALLENGE TOUGE SLIDE where you can see some INCREDIBLE DRIFTINGS! But what took out attention the most are the drifts made by a certain car in this video -- with ONE WHEEL OF THE ROAD!!! It was really amazing and we would recommend this video to you dear Gearheads! The kings of drifting are all here and they would like for you to see what they are capable of!

Finally, check out this OpenĀ Slalom Drift in Spain!

Enjoy the video below!

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