The Makinex Powered Hand Truck Can Solve A Lot Of Loading Problems For You! See This Incredible Creation In Action!

The following video will be quite a treat for any pickup truck owner! We presume that most of the pickup truck owners have had problems loading something heavy onto the bed of the vehicle. Someone thought that this problem is too common, and decided to take care of it! We are proud to present you with a video of a product that can change your life for the better! Discover the amazing Makinex powered hand truck PHT-140!

This excellent product is the solution to many people`s loading problems! The Makinex powered hand truck is used for materials handling, and can be used by one person to lift and load any materials, good or equipment that weights up to 309lb! Gone are the days of heavy lifting and back problems! If you regularly load heavy things into your pickup truck, this great machine can make your job incredibly easier!

The Makinex powered hand truck can be used as a forklift and a tailgate loader. The wide variety of applications enables the machine to be used virtually anywhere! Factories, warehouses and depots are just some of the places this hand truck can be utilized! It is designed to lift and load into many different types of vehicles, such as trucks, vans, cars etc. The Makinex powered hand truck is also lightweight, making it easy to transport and maneuver.

It even has the option to be folded, so that it doesn`t take up too much space when it is stored! If your work duties include a lot of lifting and moving of heavy objects, we recommend you take a look at this product! It is amazing and it gets the job done! Watch the video below and let us know what you think of the Makinex powered hand truck!

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