Guy Gets A Throttle Happy With A DIESEL RACE TRUCK!

When a Gearhead find himself behind the wheel of a Diesel Race Truck that has a massive amount of horse and torque power, becoming throttle happy and getting carried away is not something that can surprise us that much. Luckily, even though it is not very hard to find a person to whom something like that can happen, fortunately we do not get to see such bad scenes very often. And when it comes to the example with this huge race truck that you are going to see in the following video, the reason why we can look at it with a dose of humor, is because nobody got hurt in the process/accident.

Nevertheless, the fact that this insane truck loading fail ended up without casualties, it does not mean that it was just one of those things! And in only a few moments, you will see just how right I am. Thus, I will tell you what happened in short.

This big diesel race truck, a 1971 White/Freightliner, was suppose to get loaded on the trailer, but in those moments, the driver got carried away, stepped a little bit too hard on the pedal and as he was about to get on the trailer, the truck slipped to the right side and fell off, losing and puncturing the fuel tank. But fortunately the fuel did not ignite, and both the truck and the driver, as well as everyone around them, were fine.

But it is one thing reading about it, and completely another to see it yourself. So check out the video below and see this frightening moment yourself. And if you need more visual clues to how does an accident with such a huge truck looks like, click here.