Maybach 62 S Too Heavy For Tow Truck Crane! Must See This Epic Failure Now!

Most of the European cars range with size between Ashley Olsen small and Kim Kardashian chunky. But there are few European cars that break this rule. And one of them is the Maybach 62 S. Which is the Shaquille O’Neal of European cars.

Usually when we think of fat cars, the cars that come in mind are the Range Rover or the G63 AMG. But there are alternative versions like the Maybach 62 S which is more elongated and leaner than the Range Rover or the G63.
In this video, you can see, how a team of lifters struggle tremendously with the massive bulk of the Maybach 62 S. This is an incident which occurred back in 2013, on one of the main streets of the Austrian capital, Vienna.
We all know how towing companies can be here in America. They come to the vehicle, one axle is lifted from the ground, and they simply tow the vehicle away. If the vehicle in question is set in park mode, well, they don`t give a damn about you or your transmission.

However, the Europeans are known for their delicacy. They delicately use big cranes in order to lift the vehicle from the ground and place it onto a platform. But there is a big drawback to this procedure when the team of towers is up against a massive car like the Maybach 62 S. The Maybach 62 S proves to be very heavy indeed. Sometimes it even happens, that the hydraulic outriggers of the tow truck in question fails while lifting heavy cars like for example an MK3 Range Rover.

And we know what all of you are thinking. This Maybach 62 S is a Sedan -- no way it can be heavier than an USV like the MK3 Range Rover. But, yes it can! The Maybach 62 S weighs 6183 pounds, and without luggage and fuel that is!
This is what happens when you have a car that is equipped with four zone air conditioning, 18 way adjustable heated, vented or cooled seats. It also must be noted that the Maybach 62 S is filled with a lot of sheet metal. The length of the Maybach 62 S can go up against the length of the largest of vans. It`s got a wheelbase of 150.7 which means you can put two smart cars inside the Maybach 62 S.

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