The LOW LIFE Show Hosted By Aaron Kaufman!

If you guys are looking for a show that has tons of fun, awesome cars and even better modifications to get inspiration from, then Low Life Show is the one for you as it combines all of these elements into an exciting half an hour of fun. But this show is much more than this. Many awesome and famous people appear on it, but the one we are most fond of is none other than Aaron Kaufman. He takes us through the second episode of the Low Life Show and starts off by taking a look back when he was part of Gas Monkey Garage and one of his all-time favorite projects – the Chevrolet 3100.

Low Life Show Hosted By Aaron Kaufman 2

Moreover, they take this awesome semi-truck into one of the shows and have great fun with it. First, we take a look at the LST show which was a massive truck show held in Conroe back in 2016. We see some awesome footage from the event. Also, the people from the Low Life Show were the ones who helped Aaron during the build of the 3100.

From here we head off all the way to Arizona to meet up with the boys from Broken Bones Garage and their owner, Cory Bones. We check out some of the projects he is currently working on as well as how he came up with the name of his shop. After this destination we head off to two more but make sure you check out the video and watch the full show!

Finally, don`t miss the premiere episode of the LowLife Show!