How Far You Can Drive Once The Low FUEL LIGHT Turns On!

While some drivers prefer playing it safe and completely fill up their gas tank when the low fuel light comes on, others on the other hand prefer to push it. However, Hamish and Andy decided to push the car till it runs of the gas in order to find out how long you can drive after the fuel light comes on. We think that this is a very neat experiment and someone had to do it. Their car tells them how many miles they got left. However, what they really want to find out is how much they can drive past that moment of a completely empty fuel tank.

How Far You Can Drive Once The Low Fuel Light Comes On 2

They call this experiment – Operation: Dry Tank. They started their exciting experiment with the vehicle indicating having 6 miles of fuel left. Now, what do you think? Can they go another 6 miles with the low fuel light on, or maybe even further than that? You will most definitely be surprised by the results. At the beginning, they are very nervous. However, for some unknown reason, as they go further and further, instead of losing confidence they somehow gained more confidence.

We got to say, Hamish and Andy are the only guys who can take something very mundane and turn it into an unbelievably entertaining and funny video. Going back on topic, if you thought they can go 6 more miles, you were terribly wrong. Since the fuel light came on, they continued to drive for an hour and fifteen minutes! That`s driving for 62 miles since the fuel light was on.

On the other hand, here is why you shouldn`t drive with your fuel light on!