Here Is Why You Should Never Overfill Your Gas Tank!

When talking about a vehicle and its gas tank and how you should take good care of them, there are hundreds of dos and there are hundreds of don`ts. Hereby we must take in consideration all of the good recommendations we get about maintaining our vehicle and expanding its lifetime. Even though we have previously seen many helpful hacks and tricks this time we see a complete guide on why you should NOT overfill your gas tank to the very top. This hefty little tutorial is explained by a very famous YouTube car guy, Scotty Kilmer from whom you could find some amazing hacks.

Never Overfill Gas Tank! (3)

Here is why you should never overfill your gas tank after the fuel pump shuts off. In every car there is an EVAP system that burns all the gasoline vapors instead of releasing them to the atmosphere. They are all recycled and burned in the engine. We get to see the EVAP canister of this car and what it does is pretty simple. It filters out the higher carbons while at the same time releasing off pure air. Hereby, if you put extra fuel once the fuel pump shuts off, you are putting in a liquid form of the gas which goes directly in the EVAP system canister.

Once this liquid gas gets inside the canister, it completely destroys it. Purchasing a new one and replacing it is very expensive so be careful the next time you pour gas inside the gas tank and make sure you do not overfill it!

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