When you go to car events you can see almost everything there in one place — hot rods, muscle cars, custom cars etc. Those vehicles have built under the hood parts, where they normally go. But this GMC truck has something added which is not under the hood, check out what! This video is recorded at the Street Car Takeover in Indianapolis, where the guys from 1320 video found this truck. The first thing you are going to see is the 18 pounds rich TURBO in the back! Great idea!

JUST WOW! BED Mounted TURBO GMC TRUCK! This Thing Is WICKED & You Must SEE IT! 1

The owner describes the 5.7 LS1 engine with vengeance racing cam, and the 4l60 transmission. Then he explains that he has a bed mounted turbo because there is no space under the hood and wants to even the weight.

And here comes the fun part, when the truck is finally running. We have seen lots of crazy rides, but this is definitely among the best and craziest ones! This turbo GMC truck is impressive, and this is why we are sharing a video of it with everyone here!

First you can hear the crazy loud bed-side down-pipe exhaust. Don`t forget to increase the volume! Then, there is a sequel where the guy recording is sitting in the back NEXT TO THE TURBO. Unfortunately, the owner of this incredible looking turbo GMC truck hasn`t made any passes with it.

He should though, and we are certain that the results would be more than great! However, he mostly uses it for driving on the street. Now volume up even more! Awesome sound and great acceleration! You don`t see things like this every day.Enjoy.

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