JEEP SONG Created With All The Sounds Of The Vehicle!

We always get amazed by the sounds that certain vehicles produce, especially if those are coming out from a powerful engine. However, what you are about to see now is definitely the best of both worlds (music and cars). You will agree that this is an over the top achievement that successfully connects cars with music, so hesitate no more and have the honor to listen to the first Jeep song produced with only one instrument – a JEEP!

The story is about 8 creative people who have succeeded with their idea to make a catchy Jeep song using only a same named vehicle! After 2 weeks of rehearsing, they have discovered the best ways to make the most captivating sounds with this vehicle. Some of them include hitting the back doors, constantly switching on and off the door locks, using the car horn, etc. At the end, the final result is a perfectly synchronized performance of a song that shares features with the music genres techno and trap.

Once again, big bravo for this ingenious idea that we all thought before is impossible. So, whenever you are ready, click on the video bellow and see how a song can be made from actual sounds of a Jeep!